Peter is a thoughtful introvert with a sense of humor and an oddly assembled background in hair, science, and coffee. He loves a run before sunrise and hates cell phones at the dinner table. Jo is handsy and spontaneous and harbors eclectic creativities that beg for expression. She loves playing with her imagination and hates confining herself to the house.  

Together, we are Mom and Dad to a cranky Tabby named Squash and a dimple-faced little boy named Liam. Christ is our Lord. Like our photography style, our relationship with Him is raw. We lean into one another and our small church community to better love Him and accept His grace and mercy. 

We are real and unedited and not air-brushed or posed. Through mentorship and open communication, we've grown to appreciate what is true to ourselves - the bright an shiny as well as the tarnished and strained. 

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I love a run before sunrise, a crossword with my morning espresso, a freshly mowed lawn, and a sink rid of dishes. I love being Jo’s husband and Liam’s father and I’m thankful for the role both have played in shifting my focus outward. Between medical school and cosmetology school, my past is varied, but I am thankful for the l

Current music I am listening to is:

  • Simon and Garfunkel

  • Citizen Cope

  • Classical music on NPR (opera excluded)

  • Tool



I loves avocados and bananas and like a broken record, I will beg you for ‘cados’ and ‘nanas’ until I’m distracted. I love nestling into the pocket of Mom and Dad’s arm and reading a book. I love ‘outside’, pools, and ANYTHING with wheels. I love the movies Cars 3, Incredibles 2, and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood so much that I’m pretty sure the sound of their theme songs makes mom and dad’s stomachs turn - but, they seem to happily oblige so long as I finish my dinner.

Current music I am listening to is my “LKC Playlist” my mom put together for me, which includes:

  • The Cars 3 Soundtrack

  • Songs from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

  • Phil Collins - Tarzan Soundtrack

  • Benny & the Jets - Elton John



I love Annies Mac ‘n Cheese and Trader Joes Sweet Potato Frites and I can quote the entire movie of Princess Bride. I leave trails in the house and I hate putting clothes away… but I am one mean deep cleaner. Carrie Underwood is my favorite American Idol and strawberry shortcake is my favorite dessert. I love being a wife, to Peter and a mama to, Liam. They are my two greatest loves. One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to walk the streets of Midtown Memphis hand in hand talking with Peter while pushing Liam in his little red car.

Current music I am listening to is:

  • Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins

  • Wilder Woods - Wilder Woods

  • Anything by Ben Rector

  • Hillsong United

  • Queen - Best of Queen


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